WOW!  I sent this file at 8:10 PM and got it back at 12:21 AM!   I took this job from a customer with a 2 day deadline and it was at 8:00 PM!  2 minutes after my customer walked out I sent you the file.  I knew you would have the art done by morning, but it was a huge surprise to get it back 4 hours later.  Not so great that I was still at work, so I just stayed, burned the screen and printed the job.  I had to giggle at myself when I sent my customer an email at 2:15 am to tell him his shirts were done and he could pick them up in the morning!   This is the kind of customer service and advertising you can’t buy.   I may have worked late into the night (morningL), but I now have the next 2 days to myselfJ
You guys ROCK!

Thanks for the great service!

Pam Boggs

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